Google Workspace
For Attorneys

Powerful. Smart. Secure.

Google Workspace For Lawyers

— The leading web-based email, calendar, document and online collaboration suite available today. With Google Workspace you can use your favorite Google products at work to access your email, files, and calendar from anywhere, anytime and on virtually any device.

Work Smarter than Ever Before

Google Workspace is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. It allows you to work smarter and focus on what really matters, your business.

Need to attend a meeting from your kid’s soccer game? Edit a spreadsheet while at the airport waiting for a flight? Respond to an email from a hotel business center computer? Google Workspace makes it easy to stay connected to projects you’re working on and the people you work with, no matter where you are or what device you’re using. With Google Workspace all your work is automatically saved in the cloud.

Google Workspace helps you and your team work faster and smarter by making it easy for everyone – employees, partners, vendors, anyone – to collaborate effortlessly across teams, companies and locations. Google Workspace lets you share and edit many types of files – docs, spreadsheets, presentations and more – in real time. Forget all the time-wasting email back and forth over multiple file or document versions; storing docs in the cloud means everyone automatically has the latest version of any file. Doesn’t that make sense?

Google Workspace can help streamline everyday tasks like invoicing, budgeting, scheduling and more. You can create an invoice template in Google Docs, balance your budget by sharing a single spreadsheet or let Google Calendar suggest times for your team to meet. By removing these time-consuming bottlenecks, Apps frees you up to spend more time on the work that really matters. You can also spend less time managing your IT infrastructure. Your employees always have access to the latest software, including the newest features and security updates. You don’t need to buy or maintain servers and everything can be managed from a single interface.

Easy to Manage

All you need to use and keep Google Workspace up to date is an internet browser. That means no more specialized hardware or client software to install and maintain. You’ll have access to your email, calendar, documents, and sites and be able to work securely, no matter where you are in the world and what device you’re on. For your business, this means every employee and everyone you work with can be productive from anywhere, using any device with an Internet connection. Access your work from any device with a web browser – your computer, phone or tablet and stay productive when you’re away from the office.

Security, Accessibility and Reliability

Google Workspace includes dozens of critical security features specifically designed to keep your data safe, secure and in your control. Your data belongs to you, and Apps tools enable you to control it, including who you share it with and how you share it. Google’s data center network provides exceptional security and guarantees reliable access to your data, 24x7x365.25 (that’s right: no rest, even on leap years). While you work, all your critical data is automatically backed up on Google servers. So when accidents happen – if your computer crashes or gets stolen – you can be up and running again in seconds.

Google Workspace offers an extra layer of security with two factor authentication which greatly reduces the risk of hackers stealing usernames and passwords. Google also automatically encrypts browser sessions with SSL for users without the need for VPNs or other costly, cumbersome infrastructure. This helps protect your data as it travels between your browser and Google’s data centers. Google’s data centers are designed and built for their applications and don’t include unnecessary hardware or software. This reduces the number of potentially exploitable vulnerabilities. Google guarantee 99.9% up-time* and build-in robust disaster recovery, so you don’t even have to worry about natural disasters.

Professional Google Workspace Management For Attorneys

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